Investment Plans

  • Family Plan
  • VIP Plan
  • Training for beginners
  • Secondary Income Plan
  • Retirement Plan
  • Dream Plan
Family Plan

The financial plan helps Clients to increase family capital and intelligently allocate the resources of each member. The family plan takes into account the goals, capabilities, and preferences of all family members, including minor children and the elderly. An unlimited number of relatives can be included in this plan.

When making a plan for your family, we analyze the financial situation and capabilities of each participant, find the strengths and weaknesses of family capital, and create an effective strategy for increasing income through investment. Our experts select the best financial instruments for each family member.

VIP Plan

The plan includes the largest selection of profitable financial instruments and the most profitable trades. A list of top deals is available in the personal account of the VIP plan, which is updated online. Our best specialists work with the participants of this plan, providing comfortable conditions for cooperation. You will be able to instantly receive answers to the requested information from the manager assigned to your account.

Some transactions can be insured to eliminate risks. VIP members have priority in resolving technical issues and customer service. By submitting a request to our technicians, you get an instant response.

Training for beginners

You don’t need to have the trading experience to make money with our plans. For beginners and those looking to improve their trading skills, we provide learning programs. The training course includes theoretical materials and hands-on sessions with our top traders. A participant with any level of knowledge and skills can take the course. As a result of passing the training program, the Client receives the necessary skills for independent trading.

To start training, you must register on the site. The manager will contact the Client for further consultation and determination of the skill level. Further, the Client is provided with all the necessary information and access to training materials for a comfortable start in trading. With the support of the Glare Markets team, you will be able to receive secondary income on favorable terms. We will teach you how to make profitable trades and minimize risks.

Secondary Income Plan

A secondary income can be created even with small start-up capital. Our experts will help you to correctly distribute income and create additional sources of secondary passive income using Glare Markets financial instruments. We will help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time and make the most out of an individual investment portfolio. Our team will make sure that each Client receives passive income on favorable terms.

Retirement Plan

Most people aged 60+ face financial difficulties due to small pensions. Many older people do not have the necessary knowledge and opportunities for secondary income. Our team has developed this plan to solve the financial issues of retirement-age people.

With a Retirement plan, a Client with any level of income and training can improve his financial situation. Our experts analyze the potential for increasing profits based on the preferences, age, income level, and capabilities of the Client. We then help to define the financial goal and offer a step-by-step strategy to achieve it.

This plan provides a stable secondary income for retired people. We also provide the Client with the necessary training materials and support from financial specialists.

Dream Plan

Proper planning to achieve a major financial goal allows you to get the required amount in a short time. This financial goal could be a vacation, buying a car, buying real estate, or paying for college tuition. A team of qualified Glare Markets specialists will help you competently plan a step-by-step strategy to achieve any goals and provide all the necessary tools to achieve them. The Client will have the opportunity to make any dreams come true: to visit exotic countries, organize major family events (anniversary, wedding), buy a car, and/or a dream house.

All family members can participate in the plan, for beginners we provide all the necessary training materials.

Don’t put off your dreams until later get a detailed plan to achieve them today! To become a member of the plan, register on the website.